the Gentile

Hair a quiff, smiling through a weathered face, we are greated at the wilderness camp by the campsite owner.

Putting aside his beer for a moment he takes the pleasure to connect with new arrivals, running through his welcome routine expertly assessing candidates for deeper conversation some time in the future.

Like its owner, the campsite is minimally maintained, balancing between order and disrepair, fitting naturally within the wider forest environment nicely.

Once the campsite has quieted from he disturbance of the new arrivals the campsite owners work begins. Touring each site the smling owner connects with those he wants exchanging quipps and stories and making everyone feel at home.

His hours are from 15h to 19h between which he is able to sustain himself. After which he retreats to the hills, recharging for he next appearence.

08/2020 Pyrénées, France