Sad Peacock

Toes pointed, head a tilt the peacock picks her way through the crowd in search of her next dance partner.

A generous nature and a large smile betrayed by eyes dancing around wildly processing the potential for adoration from the onlooking spectators.

A target is chosen, the eyes focus and the performance begins. The peacock flays her feathers and deploys her charm to gather support for an upcoming performance – the real event of the market day – that will see her proudly muster a harem of adoration in a climatic orgasm of love and devotion – the heights of which are only matched by the vacumn of emotion.

There is a sadness behind her eyes. A lonliness that her exhuberance can not be matched. An empty existence punctuated by exstatic flagellation.

I want to hug and comfort her but she scares me.

08/2020 Ariege, France