Some people are fundamentally different

I traced a circle with the water on the table capturing her in a “wall” of water.

She tested the wall for weaknesses moving busily from side to side trying to find a way out.

Mindlessly I played with the walls providing, momentarily, an escape route and then tracing new fortifications around the liberated area.  She preempted my movements and followed my finger anticipating freedom.  I created obstacles and she overcame them.  

I was enjoying this little game with my new friend – the smallest spider i’d ever seen.  

The tyranny of my size over hers interested me and so I continued while waiting for a friend to join me at the pub. 

When finally he arrived I proudly introduced him to my servient playmate and SCHLAK.  He slammed his palm down, erasing my unwilling playtime partner from existence in this universe.

It was then that I realised, for the first time,

that some people are just fundamentally different.

09/2020 Puyloubier, France